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Durairaj Bagavathar Vedanayagam SastriarDURAIRAJ BAGAVATHAR VEDANAYAGAM SASTRIAR was born on October 12th 1936 to Sangai Jeyaseelan Bagavathar Vedanayagam Sastriar and Mrs. Sundari Ammal. He was baptized by the name D’Silva Vedanayagam Durairaj. He went to St. Paul’s School in Chennai and continued his higher education in Madras Christian College, Tambaram. Unfortunately he had to discontinue his studies after a year due to his importunate ill health. Subsequently, he worked in the Military Engineering Service as a Meter Reader for a month. Meanwhile, there came an opportunity for him to join the Air Force, which was also his ardent desire from childhood. But his mother was not happy and hence he had to give up his Air Force career. Even though this turned out to be the greatest disappointment in his life, later he realized that it was God’s will. Even during his formative years he was able to maintain his relationship with the Lord and the teachings of Pastor John Vasu who was heading the M.P.A Church acted as a foundation for his early Christian life. For that reason, he recognizes the fact that M.P.A Church played an important role in shaping him for God’s work, which he had to take up in his later years.

Meanwhile, he was trying to fit himself into a good job but nothing worked out to his expectation. He realized the importance of knowing God’s will in his life and dedicated himself to the will of God. All the time he wondered if God was calling him to continue the work of his ancestors. At the same time he did not want the society to think that he was forced to do the Lord’s work because he was unwaged. This led him to postpone his good intention of doing God’s work. This disturbed his life at large. Before long he developed a desire and thirst to memorize the songs of Sangai Vedanayagam Sastriar. One day he accompanied his father Jeyaseelan Sastriar to St.Paul’s Church, Vepery to play the Shruthi. During his father’s singing he sang back vocals to help him. This was an engaging surprise to his father. But he never suggested to Durairaj to take up the ministry. One-day in the morning while he was reading the Bible, he came across a passage from the Book of Isaiah Chapter 59 and Verse 21 where it says,

"As for me, this is my covenant with them," says the Lord, "My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their descendants from this time on and forever, "says the Lord".

Even though Bible reading was part of his daily routine the above verse made a deep impact in his mind. This seed of God’s word started to grow in his heart. And shortly he started conceding to the thought that he had to carry on the work of his forefathers. But questions like, "Was God really speaking to me through his Word?", "Is this the way God speaks to people?", "How do I confirm that this is from the Lord?" kept confusing his mind. But he kept them in his heart and deliberated over it. In the meantime his cousin Mr. Santhaseelan told him that Durairaj was going to share God’s Word in St. Andrew’s Church, Purasaiwalkam, Chennai. He also said that he has already promised the church pastor that he will certainly share God’s word. This came to him as a bolt from the blue. Sharing God’s word in an hour’s time was a big challenge to him, as he had no prior experience. But he agreed and on that day his sharing was helpful to many who attended. He realized that it was the work of the Holy Spirit. This experience gave him the confidence that the verse from the Book of Isaiah was unquestionably for him Hence; he started to accompany his father to all the places in order to help him in the Lord’s work. To begin with, he helped him in singing songs, playing the violin and sometimes sharing God’s word. Durairaj was blessed with the talent of composing songs. His father too has sung some of these songs. The Christian society was pleased to know that another Sastriar was in the making in the sixth generation

In the year 1956, Durairaj went together with his father to Kolar Gold Field in Karnataka State to help him. The people there had great love and respect for his father. When they saw his young son with him they were delighted. Durairaj began his first Kalatchabem at St. Thomas Church in the presence of a tremendous gathering. Many pastors from diverse churches also attended. Rev. T. Asirvatham arranged the meeting in an impressive way. The father was overjoyed to listen to his young son perform. The next day he wrote a letter to his wife, brothers, sisters, close friends and relatives about the way Durairaj conducted his first Kalatchabem. His father was happy and convinced that God was preparing Durairaj to work in His vineyard. As soon as they returned to Chennai, Durairaj’s Kalatchabem Arangaetram took place in the C.S.I. Christ Church, Vanarapettai. At that time Rev. Raienius Duraiappa was the pastor of the church. Soon after the induction, the Sastriar title conferring ceremony was also carried out without further delay. Jeyaseelan Sastriar approached the Bishop of Chennai Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. David Chellappa and made the necessary arrangements for the consecration. With the full cooperation and permission of the Chennai Diocese and the Bishop, the Sastriar title was conferred on Durairaj at the C.S.I Missionary Chapel, Vepery, on 15th December 1956. At that time the church was under the pastor ship of Rev. Andrew Abrabam.

The Sastriar title conferring ceremony was conducted in a grand manner and the presence of many pastors turned out to be a great blessing. Unfortunately, the Bishop could not attend the ceremony and had deputed the secretary of the diocese Rev. Subramaniam to chair on his behalf. In the ceremony the first Vedanayagam Sastriar’s grandson Sangai. Jebamoni Sastriar’s son Rev. J.G. Vedanayagam Sastriar participated and dedicated Durairaj as Sastriar. Rev. J.G. Vedanayagam Sastriar was conferred with the title of Sastriar during his wedding ceremony. Since he was a full time pastor pastoral he could not give his time to do Sastriar’s work. But till the end he was true to his work. Thus Durairaj started the ministry at a very young age of 20 and the people of the church called him the Third Sastriar.

After five years when Durairaj was 25 his father Jeyaseelan Vedanayagam Sastriar approached Mr. Manuel Pillai of Vadakankulam, Tirunelveli District to ask the hand of his daughter Susila in marriage for his son Durairaj. As was the custom the marriage was arranged. Durairaj’s father-in-law Mr. Manuel Pillai was a pastor of the I.E.L.C Lutheran Church. Durairaj’s wife Susila had completed her teacher training but did not pursue her career since she had to assist Durairaj in his ministerial work. The early years of ministry were difficult in every phase. But his wife Susila never complained but lived a life of contentment. The family was excited with the arrival of their first child, a daughter and they named her Esther Georgina. Esther was the name of Durairaj’s mother. His second son was given the name Jeyaseelan Jebaraj after his own father. The third daughter was christened as Sarah Angelina and their last son was named Clement Immanuel.

Among his sisters and brother he was the one who spent much time with his father. Even when his father became blind in his last stages, Durairaj rendered his duty to his father day and night without grumbling. Seeing his son’s devotion towards him he blessed him by saying, "Son, you will visit those places which I have not visited and you will be used by the Lord in ways I was not used and you will be blessed both spiritually and economically more than me". Durairaj acknowledged that all the blessings came true in his life. In all his preaching he reminded the young people that parents’ blessings are essential for the betterment of their lives.

After 16 years of service in the Lord’s work, God took him to visit churches in Malaysia and Singapore. He was there for six months and shared God’s Word through music in various churches. The people were immensely benefited. After his first visit there the churches continued to invite him. Soon churches in the Gulf countries, Brunei, Sir Lanka and in a few European countries invited him to do the Lord’s work. The people of these countries were privileged to listen and enjoy the songs of Sastriar. Recently, God gave him the opportunity to visit United States of America, Canada, England and London to share God’s word. Among all the Sastriars, Durairaj was the one who was blessed with the opportunity of visiting many countries on account of God’s work. By the immense grace of God he was able to complete his 47th year in ministry.

This article was written in the year 2005, when he was 69 years old. He is a chronic diabetic for 43 years and in spite of his ill health he continues to do God’s work. The doctors call him ‘a walking miracle’ and this is possible only because of the unbelievable grace and strength that the Lord has blessed him with. Durairaj often says that the words,
"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in your weakness"
Which was given to Paul was true in his own life

When Durairaj Vedanayagam Sastriar was conferred the title of Sastriar, the congregation of the Christ Church, Vannarapettai, gave him a headgear in remembrance of the title which he wears sometimes to commence his Kalatchebam. He was also conferred the title of ‘Narcheithi Selvar’ by the World Tamil Christian Council in the year 1988 and in August 2003 the Gurukul Bible and Research College, Chennai which is affiliated to the Serampore University, Calcutta honored him by conferring the title "Khristhava Sangeetharathana" and "Eraiesai Chemmal". On 10th September 2005, the Hindustan Bible Seminary conferred on him the "Doctor of Divinity".

The songs composed by him are recorded and released in the form of cassettes and CDs. The songs are sung by him and by his son Clement Vedanayagam Sastriar. Durairaj has also composed tunes to the songs of his forefathers. These are still sung in the churches. This was a God’s gift to him. Even today people enjoy listening to him sing the famous lyric, "Amen Alleluia" from the Christian lyrics in a tune compiled by him. The song, "Nanmaipetranuthinam Vazhga" is the song of the first Sastriar but the tune was arranged by Durairaj and is still appreciated by the people. In the final day of every convention he has a tradition of singing, "Sobanamey Sobanamey" which still has found a place in the hearts of many. He says that God has shown him greater mercy since he has lived more years than his grandfather and father and is still actively serving the Lord. He started his ministry on the 15th of December 1956 and on December 15th 2006 he will be finishing his 50 years in ministerial life.

He helped his father in ministry for twelve years and learnt a lot through his teaching. Therefore, it could be said that his father was not only a father to him but also his teacher and his guru. He often fondly remembers his father. Durairaj Vedanayagam Sastriar is the ninth Sastriar in the sixth generation through the first son of the first Venerable Vedanayagam Sastriar, by name Sangai. Gnanasigamoni Sastriar.

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Sastriar Mrs. Sarah MartinSASTRIAR MRS. SARAH MARTIN is the third daughter of Durairaj Bagavathar Vedanayaga Sastriar and Mrs. Susila Vedanayagam. Her mother Susila was a great deal inspired by the songs of Sister Sarah Navoroj and had benefited by her ministry. Hence, she thought that if the child in her womb would happen to be a girl then she would name her Sarah with the desire that she too would sing and share God’s word like Sister Sarah Navoroj. Her mother Susila kept her yearning in her heart and prayed to God. God honored her wish and a girl was born on 16th August 1968. Her mother named her Sarah Angelina. Since her parents already had a daughter and a son her arrival to the family did not generate any enthusiasm.

During her childhood she was not healthy. In spite of her illness she concentrated much in her studies and participated in all the competitions conducted by her school and treasured her certificates. As she grew into adulthood she was engrossed in singing and listening to English songs. She loved the English language and preferred to attend the Sunday school in Emmanuel Methodist Church where the worship service and Sunday school were conducted in English. She also joined the Junior Choir in the same church so that she could get some training in singing.

In her formative years, she was involved in various youth activities in the church. She took up leadership to conduct spiritual activities among the youth of the church. She was well known for her straightforwardness. Even if it were her parents she never hesitated to point out if they erred. She also worked as a volunteer in the youth ministry of Scripture Union.

She studied in Anitha School, Ritherdon Road, Chennai and continued a few years in Bentinck Higher Secondary School, Vepery. In want of a change she switched over to C.S.I. Bains School, Kilpauk and finished her school studies. She completed her undergraduate course in English Literature at Women’s Christian College, Chennai. She took a sudden and keen interest in Computer Science and so enrolled herself in the NIIT [National Institute of Information Technology], Chennai to finish her P.G.D.C.A [Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications]. For some time she worked in some private organizations and concurrently finished M.A. in English Literature through correspondence in the Madras University.

At this point of time, her parents wanted to get her wedding arranged. Her father Durairaj Vedanayaga Sastriar was a principled man and strongly believed that Christian parents should neither give nor acquire dowry when their children married. This discouraged many families from approaching her father. This did not alter his conviction. Soon a family from Chidambaram approached him. The boy was the last son of Late. Mr. J.D. Pitchaipillai, who was working as a Superintendent in the Annamalai University, Chidambaram. This God fearing family accepted and respected her father’s principle and so Martin Deva Prasath and Sarah Angelina were married on January 20th 1992. The wedding took place in Emmanuel Methodist Church, Vepery. Her husband Martin Deva Prasath was a M.Sc., M.Ed., and was working as a Lecturer in Chemistry in Tranquebar Bishop Manickam Lutheran College, Porayar. Being a pious man he was involved in the Lord’s work even before his wedding. Durairaj Vedanayaga Sastriar gladly agreed to the proposal. Soon after their marriage, Martin Deva Prasath completed his M.Phil and doctoral degree in Chemistry. Meanwhile, Sarah finished her Masters in English Literature. Soon she procured a job as a Lecturer in English in the same college in the Evening Section. During holidays, both of them visited the nearby villages and towns to preach the Word of God through music. On one occasion the Anglican Churches of Sri Lanka invited them for a month to share God’s Word in various churches. Sarah always preferred to accompany her husband in ministry.

On hearing her sermons and her singing, the elders of the Sastriar family suggested that she could be consecrated as Sastriar. Durairaj also approved and hence sought the counsel of the then Bishop of Chennai Diocese Rt. Rev. Azariah. He too gave his consent. Her husband was also pleased. Therefore, the Sastriar title was conferred on Sarah on 15th December 1995 amidst joy and resistance from various quarters. People questioned if a woman was worthy enough to be consecrated as Sastriar. Durairaj convinced them that the first Sastriar’s sister’s daughter Gnanatheepam Ammal who was adopted by Sastriar was also conferred with the title of Sastriar. Therefore Sarah stands only as the second lady Sastriar in the family. She is the 10th Sastriar in the seventh generation in the line of the eldest son Gnanasigamoni Sastriar of the first Venerable Vedanayagam Sastriar. It was only with much hesitation that people accepted her as Sastriar. But nothing could be done against the Will of God.

The consecration service took place in the Adaikalanathar Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tana Street, Chennai. The pastor of the church was Rev.Daniel Manoharan. The Church’s pastorate committee and the pastor accepted and helped Durairaj to conduct the consecration service. Rev. Daniel Manoharan, worked out the Order of Service and also wrote a brief history of Sastriar’s life. The book was published on the day of Consecration. The church was crammed with people from various denominations. Rt. Rev. Gnanabaranam Johnson, the then Bishop of TELC conducted the service. The consecration took place in the presence of Bishop Emeritus Paulraj, Bishop Emeritus Sundar Clarke, Bishop Emeritus H.S. Dhanaraj, Bishop Azariah from the Church of South India; the former Bishop of Tranquebar Rt. Rev. Dr. Jacob Jeyaseelan, Bishop Emeritus Durairaj Peter of the Arcot Lutheran Church and the Bishop of the ECI Church, Bishop Ezra Sargunam. In addition to the presence of these bishops, pastors from C.S.I, Lutheran, Methodist and various Pentecostal churches participated and honoured Durairaj. The Consecration Service went on as the Lord willed.

Sastriar Mrs. Sarah Martin preached and sang both in English and Tamil. On one occasion The Rotary Club of Karaikal chose her from their district to represent India on a Group Study Exchange Programme to Missouri in the United States of America. She was there for almost 45 days visiting the Rotary Clubs of the Missouri District and she gave them the taste of Indian culture and tradition through her singing. On invitation, she conducted Spoken English Programmes for the ALL INDIA RADIO – KARAIKAL. Along with her husband she has contributed Christmas and New Year Programmes for the same radio. They are both known in many churches in the state of Tamil Nadu irrespective of denominations.

Dr. P. Martin Deva Prasath and Sastriar Mrs. Sarah Martin are living in their small home in a village called Porayar, which is situated in the Nagapattinam District. Life in a village can be demanding and challenging. But they are moving on with God’s help. Together they have released a couple of audio compact discs comprising of Sangai Vedanayaga Sastriar’s songs. The albums were named "Amen Alleluia" and "Raja Raja Pitha" and received wide acclaim and recognition among the Tamil Christian churches. On December 22nd, 2004 they published their first work in Tamil Christian literature entitled "Kartharukku Karthirru" which was released by the bishop of TELC Rt. Rev. Dr. T. Aruldoss. It has to be noted that this book was approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu. In order to place them in the District Central Libraries of 29 districts, the government ordered 600 books from them. Her husband is a man of prayer and this helps them to grow immensely in the Lord’s ministry. How wonderful it is to experience God’s hand working in our lives. This is true in the life of Sastriar Mrs. Sarah Martin.

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Clement Vedanayagam SastriarCLEMENT VEDANAYAGAM SASTRIAR is the fourth and the last son of Durairaj Bagavathar Vedanayaga Sastriar and Mrs. Susila Vedanagam. He was born on August 22nd 1970. His birth was just another joyous addition to the family and nothing more. He started his education in Anitha School, Vepery. Thereafter, he continued his studies in Madras Christian College School in Chetpet and afterward finished his schooling in St.Mathias Higher Secondary School, Vepery. He enrolled himself in the Madras Christian College, Tambaram to complete his under graduation and also finished the Post Graduate Diploma in Sales [PGDS] in the National Institute of Information Technology [NIIT], Nungambakkam, Chennai.

In his early days he attended the Sunday school and Vacation Bible School regularly. Every Sunday morning he took it as a duty to help the sexton in placing the mats and arranging the hymn numbers on the number board. Even when he was just 10 he accompanied his father on his ministerial tours to sing special songs. At the age of 12 his interest was focused on the violin and so he was trained by maestros like Mr. Durairaj of Madurai, Mr.Chinna Samuel and Mr. Sakthi Victor of Chennai. This helped him not only to sing but also to play the violin in his father’s ministry. This paved a way, when he got into his family’s musical ministry in his later years.

During his college days, his interest shifted towards western music and he learnt to play the guitar. He played in the musical concerts conducted by his college. This affected his academic career. But by the immense grace of God he managed to procure his undergraduate degree in Commerce. When he was 20 years of age he wanted to fit himself into a good job. But the jobs he tried did not satisfy him. Whenever he applied for new jobs, his mother said, "Son, I don’t think this is God’s plan for you". When his mother was pregnant, she saw a dream in which someone came to her and said that the child in her womb would continue the ministry of the forefathers. Therefore, it could be said that the mother had more faith than her husband that Clement would definitely commit himself to do the Lord’s work. But Durairaj often used to share his worry with his wife about Clement’s undecided status. But she used to cheer up him by saying that God will do everything beautiful in His time. Even though, her words comforted him for the moment many a times Durairaj wondered if that was true.

Now the Christian society was also worried about the next Sastriar. Every time they asked Durairaj about this he used to say, "I am praying, you too pray about it". This reply convinced the people for the time being. Soon earnest Christians in the society started to fervently pray and ask God to prepare Clement for the ministry. But on the other hand, some discouraged saying that the ministry would come to an end with Durairaj Vedanayaga Sastriar.

Meanwhile, Durairaj’s third daughter Sarah Martin came forward to take up the Lord’s work. This produced happiness and relief for the Christian society for some time. Above all, this gave some hope for Durairaj himself. It has to be rightly understood that at no point of time, Clement or Sarah were compelled to take up the ministry. But they were encouraged to work for the Lord in some way or other. The parents wanted their children to commit for ministry on their own and for this reason they waited patiently for the Lord to act. For the moment, Durairaj was pleased that his daughter had taken up the ministry and so he was reassured that the ministry will go on uninterrupted. But Clement’s mother was eagerly looking forward to the day when her son will commit himself to do this divine task.

One morning, Clement was taking his father to the railway station in his motor bike. While they were riding, his father was sharing a few things about his ministry to his son and he in turn was telling his father about his disappointment in not getting a suitable job. His father looked at him and said, "Son, if it is God’s will that you should serve Him then you will continue to be disappointed in your search for secular jobs". His father never said anything afterward. Clement continued to go with his father on his ministerial tours as he had a lot of interest in music and was growing into a refined violinist. Whenever, the people of the Christian society saw him with his father they would ask the reason why he was hesitating to take up the Lord’s work. But Clement used to quietly smile back at them. The father wanted his son to commit on his own because otherwise he believed that it would not be a genuine commitment.

Another important hindrance that was averting Clement from taking up the ministry was the uncertainty of knowing his mother tongue. His family ministry involved the use of his native tongue. Clement himself knew that he could do no justice if he did the ministry in English. But soon he drew his inspiration and confidence from his sister Sarah who also had difficulty in the native tongue in her early stages. This worked a miracle and soon a change was taking place in his attitude. He agreed to compile music for his father’s song albums. His first assignment was "East West Christian Melodies". In this album, he composed music for both western and for Tamil classical. He knew that God was definitely calling him to make a full commitment. Therefore, he obeyed the Lord and took up the ministry full time.

On 15th December 1996 he was consecrated as Sastriar by the then Bishop of C.S.I Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Azariah in the Missionary Chapel, Vepery. This service took place in the presence of the former Bishop of TELC Rt. Rev. Dr. Jeyaseelan Jacob, Rt. Rev. H.S. Thanaraj, Bishop of C.S.I. Diocese, Bishop Franklin, of the Arcot Lutheran church, the Lutheran Bishop of Malaysia, Rt. Rev. Julius Paul and many pastors from various denominations. From that day onwards he has been earnestly doing the Lord’s work. He is sometimes accompanied by his father.

The same year his marriage was finalized with Elizabeth Monica, the second daughter of Mr. Jayakumar. Monica was a God fearing young lady who had also involved a lot in the church activities. She is known for her sincerity as a good Sunday school teacher; and a regular chorister in the church choir. They are blessed with two wonderful children. Sudharsan Isaac is their eldest son and a girl by name Kharisma Abigail. Both the children are blessed with a magnificent talent to sing at such a tender age. Clement and Monica acknowledge that it is indeed the Lord’s wonderful gift for their children.

On August 2003, Clement Vedanayaga Sastriar was conferred with the title of "Eraiesai Kalanithi" (Doctor in gospel music) by the Gurukul Bible Seminary, Chennai which is affiliated to the Serampore University, Calcutta. He was just 33 years old when he was bestowed with this title. Amidst joy and jubilance, toil and tears the family is victoriously growing in the Lord. It must be the prayer of everyone who reads this article that this generation should continue to serve the Lord overcoming all obstacles with His strength.

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NOAH SASTRIAR is the second son of Late. Mr. V.S. Simon Sastriar and Mrs. Jemima Vimala Leelavathy. He was born on August 27th 1978. His birth was a joyous addition to the family and he was baptized as Noah Augustine Immanuel. He started his education in St. Luke’s English School, Thanjavur. Thereafter, he continued his studies in St. Peter’s Elementary School. He finished his schooling in Blake’s Higher Secondary School, Thanjavur. In order to pursue his college studies he enrolled himself in Bishop Heber College, Trichy to complete his under graduation in Tamil Literature and finished his Masters Degree Programme in Thanjai Tamilvel Umamaheswaran Karanthai Arts College, Thanjavur between 2001 and 2003. He is now doing his doctoral research in the literary works of Sangai Venerable Vedanayaga Sastriar of the 17th century in whose lineage he was born in the sixth generation.

In his early life, his parents, especially his grandfather Late. Shem Vedanayaga Sastriar played an important role in nurturing him in a sound Christian faith. This helped him to attend the Church and Sunday school regularly. His father and grandfather were great examples for him to follow. Noah developed a keen interest even from his formative years in doing the Lord’s work. This was noticed by his relatives and the church congregation and they called him ‘little sastriar’. The ministerial work of his father and grandfather helped Noah to pursue Sastriar’s work later in life. It was God’s will that he should take up His work even though his brother Samson was older to him.
Noah’s father Simon Sastriar was involved in God’s work until the time the Lord called him to His glory at a very young age. His father Venerable Shem Vedanayaga Sastriar continued to do the ministry. But on 8th June 1998 he too received his heavenly calling. At this juncture, the Christian society in Thanjavur wanted to consecrate the next Sastriar. So on the very next day, i.e. 9th June 1998, Noah was consecrated as Sastriar by the Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr. James Srinivasan, Trichy-Thanjavur Diocese. This ceremony was held in the presence of many pastors and church elders of various denominations and the prince Babaji Raja Ponsley of Thanjavur even before the funeral service of Noah’s grandfather Venerable Shem Vedanayaga Sastriar. In accordance to the custom of the Sastriar family, young Noah Sastriar led the funeral procession of his grandfather singing the funeral songs composed by the first Sangai Venerable Vedanayaga Sastriar of the 17th century. He was then just nineteen years old.

Noah is immensely inspired by the literary works of his forefather and says that his work is full of intellectual literature, filled with Biblical truths, sound doctrinal thoughts and decorated with sweet music and he is fervent in spreading this to the nook and corner of the Tamil society. The literature of Vedanayaga Sastriar will enlighten the Tamil Christian society to grow in good Christian teachings. This was the one and only desire of the first Sastriar and Noah deeply feels that it his duty to make the dream of his forefather come true.

All glory, honour and praise are to the Triune God.

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